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Jacek Sienkiewicz - IMOW (2019)


Ultra Fiuxer
20 Abril 2020

Artist: Jacek Sienkiewicz
Title: IMOW
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: Recognition Poland - REP 042
Genre: Experimental, Electronic, Techno
Quality: lossless (tracks)
Total Time: 31:40
Total Size: 195 mb
1. Short Film (04:02)
2. Prayers (04:03)
3. Superior (03:48)
4. No8 (03:32)
5. IMOW (04:03)
6. Museum (03:49)
7. Flock (04:15)
8. Me (04:08)
IMOW, or "In My Own Wave" is a moody record. Although overtly experimental in form, it's quite different to Sienkiewicz's abstract, improvisational albums recorded with Max Loderbauer or AtomTM. Clocking in only 35 minutes and comprising of eight tracks, "IMOW" is several years of work distilled into a dense, concise whole.
Atmospheric, cinematic, stirring and utterly engaging, this is surely Sienkiewicz's most personal work to date and very possibly his best: his constant struggle to find a perfect balance of flesh and machine, or to translate human emotions to sound by means of a modern studio is manifested here in its purest, most consistent and, surprisingly, very accessible form. From subtle drones, through chants and rhythms echoing in mountainous chambers, to innumerable insect-like sounds and tiny details, it's an encephalogram recorded to tape (or disk). With all its complexity, it's not overwhelming: the meticulously constructed compositions leave both space for the sounds to breathe, and for the listener to fully experience it, without being bored, tired, wishing for less or being hungry for more. And there's beauty in this record, and hope - in the world of overpowering darkness and constant noise "IMOW" feels like a peaceful trip into the untouched nature with all its wonders - offering in equal parts rest, strength and inspiration.
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